WHO: A team with experience

PurSea’s owner team and management are highly competent. It consists of great entrepreneurial- and business experience. We combine knowledge and experience from aquaculture, seaweed cultivation and finance to achieve the goal of creating a new Norwegian industry.

PurSea has a strong link to the Helgeland region and is committed to manage and preserve the pure arctic ocean in the best possible way.

  • Selsøyvik Havbruk – Martin Kulset and Aksel O. Olsen – has over forty years of experience in aquaculture and relations to large international players.
  • Markus Moberg – has an MBA from Yale and has worked in both finance and at sea, as well as having over twenty years of experience and success as an entrepreneur.
  • Carl Erik Bergwitz-Larsen – started his career building fishing vessels at Rognan – after recently retiring from a leadership and a contractor position at the police and at Økokrim he is now the driving force behind PurSea.

WHAT: Farm and process seaweed

PurSea is going to become an industrial player when it comes to growing, processing and selling seaweed on the coast of Helgeland. The company is based on a flexible business model designed to adapt to a growing industry. Our goal is to establish a brand-new concept that will make it possible to receive, stabilize and process seaweed on industrial scale in an effective and profitable way.

PurSea are going to produce different products based on the following elements:

  • Growing seaweed at own locations based on own licenses
  • Process seaweed grown at own and other’s locations
  • Offer process services to external farmers at PurSea’s facility

The processing facility will be developed with several lines to accommodate different product categories. We are going to focusing on continuous development of innovative products and solutions to reduce the cost and increase the profits for the company, as well as the entire Helgeland region. PurSea’s willingness and ability to focus on innovation and new solutions are portraited by the development of the brand-new processing line for blanching seaweed.

WHY: The world needs more sustainable food

The world’s population is increasing by over 80 million people each year, followed by an increase in the need for food, feed and bioenergy. Calculations show that the demand for food will increase by 70% within 2050. This increase, in line with the UN’s sustainability goals, has to coincide with a reduction in greenhouse gasses.

Large scale farming of macro algae is an innovative and sustainable alternative to the present land based raw material production. It can contribute to solve important social and ecological challenges, while at the same time crating new local job opportunities. By creating sustainable and climate neutral solutions PurSea will become a key player in macro algae production and processing.

WHERE: Rødøy the coast of Helgeland

Rødøy is located right below the arctic circle at the coast of Helgeland. This region is known for the worlds purest and most nutrient rich waters and the unique location present immense possibilities for effective and sustainable seaweed development and production.

Shaped by a rough and unreconcilable nature, the local community has developed a high degree of trust where people work together towards common goals. PurSea will contribute to and advance the regions long culture, history and knowledge of aquaculture, by cooperating, creating new jobs and being an innovative force.

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